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Managed IT Services - What You Need to Know

As an IT professional  I know firsthand how challenging it can be for companies to manage their technology infrastructure. Complex systems require specialized expertise that many organizations don’t have in-house. Tech-Mar’s managed IT services provide the skills and knowledge needed to optimize networks, security, data management and more.

The Need for Expert Managed Services

Even with quality hardware and software, configuring, updating and troubleshooting today’s multifaceted IT environments requires significant technical proficiency. From servers and backups to firewalls and mobile device policies, there are many moving parts. Without vigilant maintenance and quick response times, small issues become major outages and vulnerabilities.

With managed services, Certified IT technicians monitor operations 24/7 and leverage leading tools like remote access, performance analytics and centralized management platforms. We have the experience to catch problems before they disrupt productivity and keep everything updated to close security gaps before attackers exploit them.

Optimized IT Performance and Costs

Tech-Mar begins by thoroughly evaluating an organization’s existing infrastructure and business objectives. From there we architect a customized suite of managed services using industry best practices. Examples include consolidating servers, optimizing Internet bandwidth, encrypting data, streamlining workflows and implementing automation. The result is improved efficiency, uptime and staff productivity.

We also provide strategic technology planning aligned with long-term business goals. Carefully calibrated solutions control costs by right-sizing investments in hardware, software, security, backup, the cloud and other areas. Ongoing costs become predictable based on clear service agreements.


The Benefits of a True Partnership

With Tech-Mar, clients gain a complete IT department without the overhead. However, we view ourselves as more than just an external vendor. Our team becomes an integrated part of your group, providing CIO-level guidance tailored to your market and growth strategies. We also train internal staff to get the most out of new technology.

For organizations looking to offload the burden of managing complex IT environments, Tech-Mar provides the expertise and 24/7 support of a global managed service provider with the personalized touch of a local partner. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive managed IT services crafted to enable your success.


Partnering with Tech-Mar for managed IT services allows your organization to leverage enterprise-class infrastructure monitoring, security and support customized to your technical environment and business priorities. Our experienced IT professionals have the specialized skills and tools to optimize performance, prevent problems and protect critical data while you focus on core operations