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Secure Your Business with a Surveillance System With Tech-Mar

Tech-Mar provides end-to-end commercial surveillance services including site assessment, system design with a wide selection of advanced IP cameras, professional installation, 24/7 remote video monitoring, and ongoing maintenance.

Our certified team specifies high-resolution, night vision, and AI-enabled cameras for optimal coverage. We handle all aspects of installation – cabling, equipment setup, integration, leveraging existing infrastructure.

Our Security Operations Center continuously monitors video feeds, verifies incidents, coordinates on-site deterrents and emergency response. Regular maintenance, software updates, and emergency support maximize system reliability.

As a complete solution provider, Tech-Mar takes a consultative approach to match the right surveillance technology and services to each client’s unique facility and operations. Contact us for an on-site consultation on safeguarding your business.

Video Analytics

4K video with intelligent motion detection and analytics. Virtual zones and rules to reduce false alarms. Detects loitering, crowds, trespassers. Remote access and integration options. Smart surveillance for perimeter protection.

IVR Capabilities

Capture 4k HD video day and night with 1000ft IR night vision. Varifocal lens enables smooth zoom. Motion detection triggers alerts. Rugged weatherproof housing. Remote access monitoring. Ideal for commercial security.

Wired and Wireless

4K ultra HD video surveillance. Hardwired DVR systems or wireless cloud access. High resolution with night vision and wide views. Scalable CCTV and IP cameras. Crystal clear image quality for evidence and protection.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

Peace of mind with 24/7 support for our surveillance camera systems, Emergency on-site maintenance guaranteed within 2 hours to minimize downtime. We ensure your security system keeps running so you can focus on your business.

Cameras For All Situations

Discover the ultimate in surveillance with Tech-Mar security cameras. Whether for indoor, outdoor, or panoramic views with 360-degree coverage, our cameras provide unparalleled security solutions. Plus, with long-range zoom capabilities of 15 miles or more, no detail goes unnoticed. Protect your surroundings with confidence using Tech-Mar’s comprehensive range of security cameras for all situations.

  • Outdoor Cameras
  • Indoor Cameras
  • 360° Cameras
  • 15+ Mile Zoom Cameras

The Most Up to Date Technologies To Keep Up With Your Business

Tech-Mar deploys cutting-edge surveillance solutions leveraging powerful 4K imaging, AI-enabled video analytics, cloud-based architecture, autonomous wireless mesh networks, and comprehensive managed services.

Our 4K ultra HD cameras provide incredible clarity for facial recognition, license plate capture, and forensic evidence. Computer vision analytics identify people and vehicles, detect unusual behaviors, and drastically reduce false alarms. Encrypted video streams to the cloud for secure off-site storage and remote access. Self-healing wireless networks powered by solar ensure uninterrupted coverage.

For full-service Video Surveillance as a Service, we bundle hardware, infrastructure, and 24/7 monitoring from our Operations Center into a predictable subscription model. Our certified team proactively manages all updates, system health, incident response, and security optimization.

Tech-Mar is committed to implementing the latest innovations in commercial surveillance while minimizing operational overhead for businesses. Contact us to discuss leveraging our advanced technology and services to enhance your security posture.

Advance Your Security with Our Intelligent Camera Systems

Looking to bolster security and gain better visibility into your property? Our smart camera solutions make it easy and affordable to monitor what matters most. We offer cutting-edge features wrapped in intuitive interfaces that anyone can use.

Our cameras capture crystal-clear HD video day and night thanks to technologies like 4K sensors, infrared night vision, and superior low-light capabilities. Real-time activity alerts keep you aware of any suspicious motion or events detected onsite.

Setup is a breeze with our step-by-step mobile app walkthroughs and wireless connectivity options. Control your cameras from any laptop, tablet or smartphone based on customizable user permissions.

Privacy is built-in with features like facial masking, activity zones and footage encryption. Storage flexibility includes secure local servers, cloud plans and external hard drives. Redundancies prevent losing video even if a camera is damaged.

Outdoor cameras withstand harsh weather and tampering attempts thanks to durable casings, wired power options, and sensors that trigger alerts if dislodged or obstructed.

Customize motion detection sensitivity, schedules and recording parameters for each camera based on its view and purpose. Easily scale your coverage by adding new wired or wireless cameras at any time.

Contact us today for help designing and installing a cost-effective camera system tailored to your specific property and security needs. Our specialists will ensure you get the right solution.

Flexible Applications

Tech-Mar cameras offer ideal surveillance solutions for businesses of all sizes, both indoors and outdoors. From small enterprises to large corporations, our cameras provide reliable security coverage, ensuring peace of mind for your premises. With versatile options suited for various environments, Tech-Mar cameras deliver comprehensive protection tailored to your business needs.

  • Warehouses
  • Office Spaces
  • High-Rises
  • Commercial
  • Residential

The Urgency To Upgrade Your Camera System

Having comprehensive visibility and monitoring of your property is more invaluable than ever. Our advanced security camera systems make it simple and affordable to achieve peace of mind.

We offer flexible wired and wireless cameras to suit any environment, whether home or business. Crisp HD resolution paired with night vision, motion tracking and real-time alerts ensures critical activity is never missed.

Intelligent camera placement paired with broad coverage options allow you to zero in on entry and exit points, gates, perimeter fences, parking areas, building exteriors, interior spaces and more. Remote access capabilities let you check feeds and receive alerts from anywhere in the world.

Setup takes minutes with our wireless pairing, intuitive mobile app and step-by-step digital guides. Control camera views, recording settings, activity zones and user permissions easily from your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Privacy is built-in with facial recognition masking, customizable activity zones, and encrypted local or cloud footage storage. Weatherproof outdoor cameras feature power-over-Ethernet wiring and tamper detection for reliability.

Easily expand coverage with add-on cameras at any time. We help customize motion detection sensitivity, recording redundancy, retention policies, failover mechanisms and more based on your risk profile. Contact us today to discuss your needs and implement a robust security camera system designed for simplicity and peace of mind.

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