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Tech-Mar is a dynamic IT company dedicated to revolutionizing businesses across a broad spectrum of industries through bespoke technology solutions. Our expertise spans from enhancing operational efficiency in small businesses with scalable IT frameworks, to addressing the complex needs of the oil and gas sector with specialized software and hardware. We provide secure, reliable IT systems for law firms, streamline restaurant operations with advanced POS and online ordering platforms, and elevate the guest experience in hospitality through innovative booking and management systems. Our services extend to optimizing bar operations, modernizing office buildings with smart IT infrastructure, supporting remote work with efficient home office setups, and refining warehouse logistics with sophisticated management systems. By leveraging our deep technological expertise, Tech-Mar stands as a pillar of innovation and reliability, offering solutions that not only meet the unique challenges of each industry but also drive forward growth, security, and technological advancement, ensuring our clients stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Small Business

We empower small enterprises with scalable IT frameworks designed to drive growth and operational efficiency. Our offerings range from sophisticated cloud services to robust cybersecurity measures, helping small businesses to thrive and compete effectively in their respective markets.

Oil and Gas

With our deep industry knowledge, we provide the oil and gas sector with specialized software and hardware solutions. These solutions are crafted to enhance exploration, production, and distribution processes, prioritizing safety and efficiency to meet the high demands of the industry.

Law Offices

We offer law firms secure and dependable IT systems that protect sensitive information, support intricate case management, and ensure compliance with stringent legal standards. This allows legal professionals to concentrate on delivering exceptional service to their clients without compromising on data security.

Restaurants and Bars

Our IT services for restaurants include sophisticated POS systems, innovative online ordering platforms, and comprehensive customer management tools. These technologies work together to streamline operations, improve the dining experience, and boost operational efficiency.


In the hospitality sector, we enhance guest experiences through the implementation of advanced booking systems, efficient customer service platforms, and integrated management systems for hotels and resorts. Our solutions are designed to elevate guest satisfaction while optimizing operational processes.

Office Buildings

We provide office buildings with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure management services, including reliable connectivity, advanced security measures, and smart automation systems. These services benefit tenants and property managers by creating a more efficient and secure working environment.

Home Offices

Supporting the shift towards remote work, we specialize in secure and efficient home office setups. Our solutions, such as VPNs, cloud services, and remote desktop capabilities, ensure productivity and seamless connectivity for professionals working from home.


Our warehouse management systems are designed to optimize inventory control, logistics, and distribution processes. By integrating with other supply chain technologies, we improve efficiency and accuracy, enabling smoother operations across the board.

Office Building

Tech-Mar offers a comprehensive suite of IT services tailored for office buildings, encompassing everything from foundational wiring to advanced security and ongoing maintenance. Our approach begins with the meticulous installation of structured wiring systems, ensuring a robust infrastructure that supports high-speed connectivity and seamless communication across the entire building.

  • Security
  • Network
  • Workstations
  • Support and Maintenance
  • IT Office Moves
  • Wiring

Oil & Gas

We specialize in providing targeted IT support services to oil and gas companies, focusing on areas where internal IT teams may lack expertise or prefer not to engage due to complexity or resource constraints. Our approach is designed to complement existing IT capabilities, allowing these companies to focus on their core operations while we handle the more intricate, specialized, or less desirable IT tasks.

We understand that the oil and gas sector faces unique challenges that require specialized knowledge, particularly in managing and securing data from remote exploration and production sites, optimizing logistics and supply chain operations, and ensuring compliance with stringent industry regulations. Our services are tailored to address these needs, offering expertise in areas such as advanced cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive geological data, sophisticated data analysis tools for exploration and production optimization, and robust network infrastructure solutions capable of withstanding harsh operational environments.

Additionally, we excel in providing support for mission-critical applications specific to the oil and gas industry, ensuring they are always up and running efficiently. This includes managing updates and patches, troubleshooting software issues, and implementing bespoke solutions that enhance the functionality and reliability of these applications.

Our IT support also extends to enhancing communication channels across dispersed operational sites, enabling seamless data exchange and collaboration among teams, whether they are in remote locations, offshore platforms, or corporate offices. We ensure that these communication systems are secure, reliable, and capable of handling the heavy data demands typical in the oil and gas sector.

By taking on the tasks that internal IT teams might avoid or struggle with, Tech-Mar allows oil and gas companies to leverage our specialized expertise to enhance their IT operations without diverting their focus from their strategic goals. We pride ourselves on being a flexible and reliable IT partner, offering scalable solutions that grow with our clients’ needs and help drive technological innovation within their operations.


In the hospitality industry, comprehensive IT support is crucial for enhancing guest experiences and optimizing operational efficiency. Specializing in advanced booking systems, customer management platforms, and robust Wi-Fi networks, our services ensure that guests enjoy seamless interactions and connectivity. With a keen understanding of the hospitality sector’s reliance on a strong online presence, we provide tailored website development and digital marketing services aimed at boosting visibility and attracting more visitors.

Critical to maintaining trust and safety, our cybersecurity measures safeguard sensitive guest information and financial transactions. Operational enhancements are also covered, including efficient Point of Sale (POS) systems for dining and entertainment venues, as well as integrated management systems for inventory, staff scheduling, and financial reporting, empowering managers to make informed decisions swiftly.

Our role extends to providing dedicated IT support and maintenance, ensuring system reliability and rapid response to any technical issues. This allows hospitality businesses to concentrate on what they do best—delivering outstanding services to their guests—while we handle the complexities of IT management. As a strategic IT partner, our blend of technology solutions, security, and support services is designed to elevate both guest satisfaction and operational performance, setting the stage for success in a highly competitive industry.

Small and Medium Businesses

Our IT support for small to medium businesses (SMBs) is tailored to address their unique needs, offering cost-effective, scalable solutions that enable growth. We provide SMBs with advanced cloud services, robust cybersecurity, and efficient data management to ensure their operations are both agile and secure. With a focus on maximizing uptime, our proactive maintenance and rapid troubleshooting minimize disruptions, keeping businesses running smoothly. Our consultancy services also guide SMBs through the technology landscape, helping them make informed decisions that support their objectives. By combining strategic planning with comprehensive IT support, we empower SMBs to leverage technology effectively, enhancing operational efficiency and securing their digital assets, allowing them to concentrate on their core business activities with confidence.

Industrial and Warehouses

We focus on tailored IT services for warehouses and industrial locations focus on boosting efficiency, accuracy, and security. We implement warehouse management systems (WMS) integrated with RFID and barcode scanning for real-time inventory visibility and control, alongside robust network infrastructure to ensure seamless communication across expansive areas. Security measures, including cybersecurity protocols and physical security systems, safeguard assets and data. With continuous IT support and maintenance, we keep systems running smoothly, addressing issues swiftly to minimize downtime. This comprehensive approach enables warehouses and industrial operations to enhance productivity and competitiveness in the market.

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