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Tech-Mar Enterprises offers cutting-edge business phone systems and Voice over IP (VOIP) services to optimize enterprise communications. Our flexible, scalable VOIP solutions replace traditional phone lines with advanced internet-based calling capabilities. This provides businesses like yours with enhanced collaboration, productivity features, and significant cost savings. Our expert team will conduct a thorough evaluation of your current communications infrastructure. We then design and deploy feature-rich IP phone systems tailored to your needs. Intuitive interfaces across desktop and mobile make it easy for employees to use tools like auto attendants, call routing, conferencing, voicemail transcription, CRM integration, call analytics, and more.

With Tech-Mar, you get certified IT specialists handling the entire implementation process. We install new VOIP equipment, configure systems and software, perform seamless migrations, and provide 24/7 technical support. Our goal is to create a unified communications environment with enterprise-grade voice, video, messaging, and mobility. Don’t settle for outdated calling platforms. Partner with Tech-Mar for modern VOIP phone services that streamline operations, foster collaboration, and deliver robust capabilities your business can rely on. Contact us today to learn more!

Quality and Reliability

Audio quality on calls needs to be crystal clear. Things like latency, jitter, and packet loss can degrade call quality on VOIP networks and must be properly managed.


Important productivity features like call routing, auto attendants, voicemail, conferencing, call monitoring, CRM integration, and analytics should be included. The right features optimize workflows.


Timely technical support and maintenance from trained professionals is necessary to keep the system running optimally.


The phone system should easily scale up as a company grows. Adding extra lines, features, and phones as needed should be simple.

Upgrade and Reap the Benefits

Upgrading provides an excellent return on investment through better technology, features, and service. Tech-Mar can determine the right modern system for your business’s unique needs and budget.

  • Improved Call Quality
  • Increased Productivity
  • Cost Savings
  • Future-Proof

Streamline Call Management

Handling calls efficiently is critical for providing exceptional customer service. At Tech-Mar, our phone systems seamlessly integrate with powerful call management software to optimize your operations.

Our centralized dashboard gives you complete visibility and control over your phone activity. Intelligent call routing automatically distributes incoming calls to the right people and departments. Customizable IVR menus and auto attendants allow callers to self-serve information.

Robust analytics provide real-time insights so you can fine-tune routing strategies and staffing needs. With click-to-call, agents can easily return calls with one click. Custom reports help identify opportunities to improve customer service.

We also offer deep CRM, helpdesk, and ticket integrations for personalized experiences. Agents have instant access to customer profiles during calls.

Tech-Mar takes the headache out of call management. Our phone software gives you the tools to professionally handle customer calls and boost satisfaction. Contact us today to streamline your system!

Upgrading Your Business Phone System: Why Sooner is Bette

Outdated phone systems hurt productivity and customer service due to lacking key features like call routing, monitoring, and CRM integration. They also have reliability issues leading to disruptions.

Modern VoIP systems optimize operations with powerful call management tools, analytics, and scalability to support growth. By upgrading sooner, businesses can boost efficiency, service quality, and prepare for the future with the latest technology. The benefits outweigh the costs of continuing with legacy equipment.

Types of VOIP

These are the most common ways that modern VoIP phone systems are implemented. Whether cloud, on-prem, hybrid, or UCaaS, VoIP offers a major upgrade over traditional landline business phone services.

  • Cloud Based
  • On-Premises Systems
  • Hybrid Systems
  • Unified Communications

Maintaining Peak Performance

Proper maintenance is key to ensuring VoIP systems operate reliably and provide quality voice services. Regular tasks like monitoring usage, testing bandwidth, and upgrading firmware/software help avoid issues. VoiP phones and equipment should be physically inspected and cleaned to keep in working order. Network infrastructure requires monitoring to quickly detect problems.

A maintenance plan should schedule periodic voice quality checks to identify distortion, echo or latency. Running speed tests helps validate ample internet bandwidth. IT teams must consistently install security patches, updates, and new features from vendors. Backing up configurations and data is critical to enable quick disaster recovery. Establishing SLAs for response time with VoIP providers is prudent to fix problems rapidly. Spare phones/parts onsite allow for swift replacements if hardware fails.

Overall, proactive maintenance reduces VoIP downtime risks, maximizes system lifetimes, and helps deliver uninterrupted, high-quality voice services. A proper plan makes servicing efficient and cost-effective.

Keeping Pace with Innovation

VoIP phone systems are driven by fast-evolving technology. Regular upgrades are crucial for taking advantage of new innovations and remaining competitive. Cloud infrastructure, AI, mobility features, advanced analytics, and UCaaS integrations are key trends. Updating provides access to these tools that optimize operations. New software enhancements related to call routing, IVR, self-service, and CRM pops boost productivity and customer satisfaction. With developers continually expanding capabilities, upgrades are needed to leverage innovative features as they emerge.

The latest VoIP phones incorporate new designs, extended battery life, better displays, and durability. Upgrading hardware improves employee usage and satisfaction. IT teams must stay on top of vendors’ roadmaps to plan for integrating new releases. Prompt firmware/OS updates also maintain security. Staying current with VoIP advancements ensures the reliability, resiliency, and performance that a modern business communications platform demands. Existing systems age quickly if not updated.

In summary, updating VoIP technology on an ongoing basis maximizes value and keeps businesses competitive operationally. It’s a key part of futureproofing phone

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