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Let's Make Your Office Move Hassle Free!

Moving office spaces presents immense logistical challenges, especially when it comes to relocating technology infrastructure and equipment. At [Company Name], we have the specialized expertise to handle every aspect of your IT move – from workstations to servers, networks, phones, and beyond.

By partnering with us for your office relocation, you avoid the hassles and pitfalls of managing the technology transition internally. We take care of packing, disconnecting, transporting, and setting up all your systems in the new space. This includes re-installing and reconfiguring servers, computers, printers, cabling, WiFi, and more.

Our experienced team works efficiently to minimize downtime throughout the transition. We provide temporary equipment and connections as needed to keep productivity impact low. With thorough planning and phasing, we’ll have your new office fully operational on schedule.

For a move done right, trust the experts at [Company Name] to securely transition your technology. Contact us today for a customized quote on our IT relocation services. We look forward to ensuring your office move is fast, smooth, and disruption-free.

Limited Down-Time

When relocating your office, downtime is inevitable but with Tech-Mar you can minimize productivity impact. Our experts use staging and temporary equipment to maintain critical systems. We work efficiently so your new space is operational with minimal interruption.

Quick and Seemless

Tech-Mar's experienced teams ensure your office relocation goes smoothly from start to finish. With planning and coordination, we'll have you moved in and running without headaches. Our specialists make IT moves seamless so you avoid disruptions.

Comprehensive Service and Support

We handle your entire IT move from assessing needs, packing equipment, installing cabling, configuring networks and systems, to testing and turnover. With comprehensive support, Tech-Mar eliminates the stress of moving your technology.

Back To Business as Usual

The goal of our IT move services is getting your office back to full speed quickly. With all systems relocated, reconnected, and optimized in your new space, it's back to business as usual. Trust Tech-Mar to get workspace technology up and running efficiently.

What We Move

  • Servers, computers and laptops
  • Phone and VOIP systems
  • Networks, switches, routers and cabling
  • WiFi access points
  • Printers, copiers and peripherals
  • Audio/visual installations
  • Access control systems
  • Backup power supplies

Why Use Tech-Mar For Your Move

When it’s time to relocate your office, trust Tech-Mar to securely transition your technology. Our IT move specialists have the experience, systems, and efficiency to handle every aspect from dismantling old systems to installing the new workspace’s infrastructure. We minimize costly downtime by keeping critical systems running in interim sites if needed while new offices are prepared. With Tech-Mar, you avoid the logistical headaches of coordinating an IT move internally. Our teams perform comprehensive planning, meticulous packing, safe transport, expert installation, and thorough testing to get your new office operational seamlessly. Whether moving across town or between states, Tech-Mar’s technical expertise and proven methodology ensure your IT relocation is executed flawlessly. Partner with us for a smooth office move that maintains productivity and business continuity.

Expert IT Moves for Organizations of All Sizes and Industries

Tech-Mar has extensive experience providing seamless office technology relocations for diverse businesses across sectors. Whether you are a small professional services firm moving into your first permanent office or a large corporation relocating headquarters to a new city, we have the specialized skills to transition your IT infrastructure quickly and securely.

We have tailored our IT move services to meet the needs of companies ranging from 5 person startups to Fortune 500 enterprises with thousands of employees. Healthcare practices, financial services firms, retailers, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and more have leveraged our expertise for hassle-free office relocations and expansions. For office towers, business parks, and portfolios with multiple tenants, we scale our work to handle IT refreshes floor by floor or across properties.

Regardless of your specific business, facilities, or industry, Tech-Mar takes care of the specialized logistics involved in relocating your technology ecosystem. We maintain business continuity by keeping mission-critical systems running with temporary setups during transitions. Our teams then methodically pack, transport, unpack, install and test your new office’s servers, computers, networks, phones, security tools and other tech gear. With thorough planning and efficient execution, we ensure your new workspace is online quickly with minimal downtime. Trust Tech-Mar for a smooth IT move optimized for your unique environment.

Reasons to Switch!

Tech-Mar provides seamless IT office relocation services tailored to organizations of all sizes and verticals. Whether you’re a small business moving into your first office suite or a large enterprise relocating corporate headquarters, we’ve got you covered. Trust Tech-Mar for a smooth IT move, no matter your business size or industry. Our customized execution and attention to detail enable workspaces to come online quickly at new sites.

  • Small and mid-sized businesses moving offices
  • Large multi-national corporations shifting HQs
  • High-rise office towers and office parks
  • Medical, legal, and professional services firms
  • Retailers relocating or opening new stores
  • Industrial and manufacturing companies

Back to Business as Usual

The goal with any office relocation is to resume normal business operations as quickly as possible at the new location. At Tech-Mar, we ensure your new workspace is fully functional right away after an IT move by restoring systems to their original state. Our technicians reinstall computers, servers, networks, phones, printers, and other equipment based on the itemized inventory and diagrams from your previous office. We reconfigure settings and connections to match pre-move functionality.

Comprehensive testing validates all applications, software, email/data access, and peripheral devices before turnover. By methodically replicating your original IT environment, we get your new office instantly productive. The move process is not complete until you are operational.

We also recognize that post-move support is crucial as staff acclimate to the new space. Tech-Mar provides ongoing technical support following cutover to address any issues. Our experts will fine-tune and optimize systems as needed while your team adapts. With Tech-Mar as your IT move partner, it’s back to business as usual rapidly after you relocate.

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